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Mister Domestic’s Catch and Release Project Party!!

Yeah!! Today is the Day!

Hi everyone! It is my day for the Catch and Release Party Project for Mister Domestic!!! Hurray!! This beautiful collection showcases his love for his family where they like to fish and enjoy nature. Let me tell you, the colors are beautiful with many shades of blue and hints of green and red, making it the perfect fabric to sew with for the summer!

I am so honored to have been chosen to participate in this project party! When I applied online I thought why not? I’ll give it a go and put myself out there. I sort of forgot I had sent in my ideas until the day I had a DM on IG from Mister Domestic himself! LOL. Needless to say, I was crazy excited and could not believe I had been chosen to participate! This has been such a wonderful experience and I have seriously had so much fun! I learned so much from business and photo tips, to getting to chat with my fellow makers in the project party. These are some very talented and incredibly kind people! Don’t forget to follow along #afgcatchandrelease to see everyone’s awesome makes!!! I truly love sewing!

Now onto my project!! I chose to make the ultimate twirly dress using Mister Domestic’s Flower Stream Jersey Knit for Art Gallery Fabrics (see my IG feed @sunshineselvage for the live twirl here)!! I love this print! It is the most vibrant color of turquoise and the little white flowers with red centers (swoon)!!! I just love the vintage feel.

The pattern I used was the Kensley Dress by Violette Field Threads. This dress pattern makes the flower stream pattern just shine. Simple, sweet and vibrant. My daughter loves dresses but I want her to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to play in. I felt that this pattern accomplishes that perfectly and the flower stream knit makes it so sweet! And those shoes!! I am always a fan of converse and in fact still wear them myself. I jumped at the chance to buy her a red pair, and with the vintage feel of the fabric I think they work perfectly. Playing for days in this outfit and major twirling going on at our house! LOL!

This dress is a good project for those of you who would like to try sewing with knits (see my previous post on my tips for sewing with knits here). The directions are easy to follow and pictures are provided. If you have never sewn with Art Gallery Fabrics knits you should! They are buttery soft and wash up very well, not to mention there are so many cute patterns and colors to choose from!

I should mention I did change up a few things from the original pattern that worked for me. First, I hemmed the skirt pieces before I gathered the skirt. With so much fabric for twirling I felt I was able to get the hem more even. The pattern calls for using clear elastic to attach to the the bodice. I skipped this step and just did 2 rows of gathering stitches on the skirt. I gathered the skirt until it was the same width as the bodice and then following the seam allowance, attached the skirt to the bodice. I then topstitched around the bodice/skirt seam to give it a more finished look.

I had some extra flower stream knit leftover so I decided to make my daughter a cute little peplum shirt as a bonus project. For this I used the front and back shirt pattern of the Kensley dress pattern and turned it into a tank. I had some extra Art Gallery Fabric solid white knit to make the peplum part of the shirt. So how did I do this?? It was an easy hack and I just sort of went for it!

1. My daughter wears a toddler size 4 so I wanted the shirt to come a little down past her waist. I measured her again and there were lots of giggles. How come measuring kids with a measuring tape makes them crack up? lol must tickle a lot!

2. I measured down 6 inches and added another 1/2 inch to account for the seam allowance.

3. Then I just retraced my new peplum bottom shirt pattern and cut out the knit and finished sewing it just as I had for the dress.

4. I can’t resist a good vintage feel so after hemming the bottom I sewed some sweet red ric rac around the bottom I got at Walmart for $1!!!

And there you have it!! I have had so much fun being a part of this project party and want to thank Mister Domestic for such an awesome experience! I think that this just goes to show, put yourself out there and give new experiences a try! I am so very grateful for this opportunity! 🙂 Don’t forget to check out @jenstrauser on IG tomorrow for the next Catch and Release party project make and continue to follow #agfcatchandrelease to see all the fabulous project!

Happy sewing, Friends!

🙂 Jennifer


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