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Welcome to Sunshine Selvage! My name is Jennifer and I love to sew and I mean LOVE too!! My Mom taught me to sew about 3 years ago after I had my 3rd child and I haven’t stopped since. I love to quilt and make garments mostly out of rayon and jersey knit. Sewing makes me happy 🙂

Sunshine selvage means to look on the bright side of things. Cherish and appreciate things that might be thrown away or put aside. The selvage is easily thrown out but if you look at it, it is quite beautiful! All the colors, the little themed pictures or sayings on the edge. Easy to discard but really has so many possibilities!

So take a look at the little things! Appreciate them and get creative! I hope this blog can be a positive sewing reference and source for you to learn from and look on the bright side!

Happy Sewing Friends!




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