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Cottage Garden Quilt

Hi everyone! Here is a fact about me besides my love of sewing. I love flowers and gardening! Really I love nature. I was the type of kid growing up who was always outside. I once came home from a week of summer camp and practically lived on my parents back porch for an entire week after because I missed nature. LOL! That might be a bit extreme but hey kids do funny things! 🙂 Fast forward to adulthood and I now I have my own garden! We have a smaller yard so I have a garden box that is 4ft x 12ft for vegetables and then a flower bed next to it. In my vegetable garden I like to grow tomatoes, green beans, lettuce and zucchini. In the flower garden I grow mostly from seeds such as Cosmos, Zinnias, and Queen Anne’s Lace. My dream one day is to have a yard large enough where I could have a true cottage garden. Just dreaming about it makes me happy!

I have been eyeing Emily Dennis’s quilt pattern called Shine in her new book, Modern Quilts: Block by Block, that came out in September 2018. If you haven’t check this book out you should! It’s fat quarter friendly and the directions and pictures are really easy to follow.

To me this quilt pattern looks like raised garden beds with paths in between. This what I imagine anyway. I have been waiting for the right fabric to use for this quilt, and that is when Sharon Holland’s line called Everlasting for Art Gallery Fabrics came out. I new this was it!

Sharon’s everlasting line is just gorgeous! All the blues, reds, pinks and those birds!!! I really love that it was designed with marriage, celebration and family in mind. The colors and patterns are beautiful! I just imagined an entire garden right there in my head. I knew the Shine pattern would be wonderful for this fabric. Initially I was only going to use Everlasting fabrics in the quilt but then I decided to add some of Sharon’s Signature fabrics as well. These are equally as beautiful and everything just sort of fell into place.

I loved fussy cutting the flower bouquets for the center of each block using the Promises print. The Summer’s Dance print (with the swallows) just really completed the look for me as the background fabric. I used Art Gallery solid Tile blue to bind the quilt and used the beautiful print, Bouquet Muse for the backing. For the quilting I chose to use a decorative leaf stitch to outline each block and then straight line quilt the background fabric so as to frame the garden. 🙂

I know I have written this before but I really love to sew. 🙂 This quilt pattern and fabric made my imagination run wild with ideas. I love that about sewing! Everyone has their own interpretation about fabrics and patterns. Seeing people create and use their creativity is so wonderful. I know I love seeing everyone’s makes!

So even though I don’t have an English cottage garden right now I can truly enjoy looking at my “Cottage Garden” quilt. Wandering through the paths around the garden boxes, admiring the flowers and looking at the birds. Sew happy friends!

Jennifer 🙂

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