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Flowers All Around!! Let’s Play!!

Hi everyone! Happy almost spring! It’s that time again for another Mister Domestic Project Party featuring Mister Domestic’s new fabric line called Playroom!!

“From finger paints, watercolors, colored pencils to melty beads, and the alphabet, Mathew created a dream playroom full of inspiration for kids of all ages, especially with his daughter Helena in mind.” (AGF playroom lookbook). This collection is full of bright, beautiful colors that children and adults will both love!

Now onto my newest playroom make! Did you know there is a Rayon print in the Playroom fabric line? There is!! Its called Flowers All Around and its gorgeous!

I ended up making the Mini Fringe Dress by Chalk and Notch Patterns for my daughter and I made myself the Amelia dress by Green Bee Patterns. My daughter LOVED her dress! It was full of rainbow colors (her words :), which she loved! As for the adult version I really loved the springy colors and just cheeriness of it all! I love color and lots of it, so this print was perfect for me!

Last year I had the opportunity to sew for the Art Gallery Fabric Playroom Lookbook. I sewed up some adorable Handy baskets, a free pattern, by Sharon Holland. I also made a quick and easy (Free!) mug rug for lots of winter days of cups of hot chocolate with my kids! Although now as it turns to spring glasses of lemonade would be delicious too! :). Find my free Playroom Mug Rug Tutorial Here.

Next, have you ever sewn with Rayon? If not, do not be afraid!! It’s so silky and makes the perfect summer fabric to make lots of skirts, dresses and shirts!!

Here are some simple beginner tips for sewing with Rayon:

  1. Wash on gentle cycle using cold water. Rayon does tend to shrink.
  2. Iron using medium heat so you don’t scorch the fabric.
  3. When cutting out patterns, be gentle and cut slowly. There is a lot of shifting with Rayon, so take your time.
  4. Finally my most important tip is: Pin, Pin and then Pin some more! This will keep the fabric from shifting.

Be brave! Give sewing with Rayon a try! There are lots of good simple patterns out there. Try a simple summer scarf made out of rayon for a chic summer look! Or even a new tie as a gift!!! There are many free tutorials on you tube.

It has been such a pleasure to continue to sew with Mister Domestic and his Master Makers. Such a kind, talented and supportive group! As always thank you so much to Mister Domestic for his guidance and encouragement! In closing, check out this amazing print below from the playroom collection. All words to live by! 🙂

Make sure to check out all the other makers on instagram for more great Playroom fabric projects, #agfplayroom. Thank you for reading my blog and don’t forget to take some time for yourself and get out and play!! 🙂



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