Top 8 tips for sewing with knits!

  1. Prewash all your fabric at least once. If you want to be extra sure wash it a second time.
  2. Always use a ball point needle! Ball point needles have a round tip that let it more easily move through the fabric.
  3. When pressing jersey knit don’t use steam. I have found it will curl less with just heat.
  4. Pin a lot!!!
  5. A walking foot is a must! Not all sewing machines come with a walking foot but it is such a good investment. You will use it all the time! It helps feed the top and bottom fabric evenly through.
  6. On a sewing machine you need to use a stretch stitch! I use a tiny tiny zig zag stitch that looks like a little lightning bolt.
  7. After you use a stretch stitch most pattern directions say finish the seam. I remember I was like huh? Didn’t I already do that?? But no, you need to use an over lock stitch to finish the seam. This gives it a very professional and finished look. (This is what a serger would do all in one step for you).
  8. Finally, don’t be afraid to give it a try!!! Trying new things is always sort of scary but in the the end you learned a new skill! Which is actually pretty cool! 🙂